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The work undertaken by YOU[th] Against Poverty [YAP] will occasionally be supported by various short-term and long-term sponsors, consisting of local groups, businesses and individuals.  YAP is a totally independent organisation and is not in any way affiliated to other companies or businesses.  The social and political direction taken by YOU[th] Against Poverty is also not influenced by financial contributions or donations made by sponsors.  YAP welcome  financial contributions on the basis that donors acknowledge they are supporting our not-for-profit philanthropic agenda and do not attempt to undermine our agency.  Contributions are also accepted on the understanding that YOU[th] Against Poverty is not concerned with the commercial interests of any individual or organisation.

The Help 4 the Homeless Project

Help 4 the Homeless [H4tH] is a longitudinal study of the causes and consequences of homelessness in Birmingham.  We welcome individual, private and public sector financial contributions at all times, which will assist us to continue delivering this project.  All funds received will be used to sustain the project by covering expenses and to purchase items, such as sleeping bags, sanitary items, tents, plastic bags etc., which will be donated to rough sleepers.  The Members of YOU[th] Against Poverty are further education students who do not receive an income.  They volunteer their time freely and cover their own travelling expenses and any additional costs incurred delivering the H4tH Project.  Any financial contributions received, no matter how small, will be greatly appreciated.

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YOU[th] Against Poverty

Please find our bank account details below.  We would welcome the opportunity to say thank you for your financial donation.  Please provide your details in the Your Reference section, which is limited to eighteen characters and should not include any symbols.  Email addresses cannot be included as a reference.  However, you can link your donation to an email address by entering the details of your contribution in the Let’s YAP box on our Contact Us page.

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