About us

YOU[th] Against Poverty C.I.C [YAP]. is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company, that highlights the causes and consequences of poverty and social inequality in Birmingham, UK.  The organisation is registered at Companies House and operates in a similar way to a charity.  The main membership body consists of A-level students in their final year of studies at Bournville College, which is the University Centre Campus of South and City College Birmingham.

As the Members progress from further to higher education, the membership body changes to reflect their transition.  YOU[th] Against Poverty’s 2017 Committee consists of the founding Members of the organisation.  Subsequent YAP Committees are classified according to the year in which the Members were subscripted.  YOU[th] Against Poverty is assisted by three senior Members: two Directors and an Honorary Member, all of whom are employed as A-level Lecturers at Bournville College:


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Directors and Honorary Director


Dr Dennis George Hamilton – A-level Sociology and Criminology Lecturer.
Ian Wibberley – A-level History, and Government and Politics Lecturer.

Honorary Director:

Jenny Di Felice – A-level Psychology Lecturer.

YOU[th] Against Poverty C.I.C. is based in Room 4.109, of the Bournville College Campus and also Room 2.131, which is the staff room of the A-levels and Science Department.

Help us to highlight the causes and consequences
of poverty and inequality in our city
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